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Some people don't like it when you confuse Styx and Toto.
They just plain get angry.
But you know?
They're really not that different.
I hear the drums down in AFFFFFFFFRIIIIICAAA (or something like that)
I Bless the drains down in Africa.

Silly Toto, everyone knows there are no drains in Africa.

What a song. How many songs have YOU heard have the word "Kilimanjaro" in them? And "Serengeti" is in the next line!
It's not I held the reigns?
I thought that song was about horses.

Had hunger pangs down in Africa?
My dog was shamed down in Africa?
Tickled the taint down in Africa?
Wish David Blaine was sent to Africa?
songs like these are ones drummers wait for all their many opportunities do we have to play a gong? well, this one has a gong AND a pan flute.
And actually, as much as I made a random joke, it's really Styx and Air Supply that sound shockingly similar, but I didn't want to get a letter bomb sent to my house upon this outrageous accusation.
You totally sent me Air Supply last year because of that singing burger, and yes, Styx and Air Supply sound incredibly alike. Do people really argue that fact?
Please don't ruin my joke. I'm coming to Cleveland this week and will personally kick your ass. I'm not explaining my sarcasm or the hilarity of the irony behind assuming that 80's soft rock listeners are rabid foaming diehard fans that would resort to mass murder if you confused their groups. I don't care how brown others are to the humor game, you can't possibly make me go to that level.
You have clearly not met my aunt, funny man.

In Cleveland? Dost my ears eyes deceive me?
Well, I don't care if was reality or not. It's still awesomely ironic. If your aunt illustrates my point? All the better for me, and please tape the chaos that ensues.Tell her REO Speedwagon was Loverboy without the drugs. That'll get a temperature.

Eyes, ears, butts. All human anatomy. Yeah, for Thanksgiving. Not sure if we're leaving tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm wanting to send out an invite to everyone telling to come drink with us at a bar, but we haven't nailed down a date, much less a bar.
...and I hardly need the safely woven comfortable lull of American capitalism marketing to brainwash me towards the sweet call of soft pop music; I owned those tunes long before this...I simply passed them onto you at that point.
And I thank you for it, heartily.

(But I love the Singing Burger -- I just wouldn't EAT him)
I would....but a burger that could sing Air Supply sounds like it was born to give you a terrible case of gas. Air Supply. AIR SUPPLY!!.
oh no no. >:)
here we'd throw down.
firehouse was years later.

now, firehouse and trixter,
you'd have a point. :D
some people don't like it when yih spend hours and hours posting several minutes of video on youtube... of the greatest ramones tribute ever and nobody can even say .... good. or... thanks..... or hello doughsy :(

i did so! i definitely commented back. i thought this was amazin. i also commented on your attic home videos, which are also amazing.

and i also bought you a birthday card, which i never sent out because i'm an idjit. so happy belated. a card does exist, it just never made it to yer house yet. that could be in part because i don't have yer address.
Oh well thatnk you very much Mumbles!! WE were amazing. And if you'd like it, my addy is:

Sing-Sing Death House
501 Bergen St.
Gloucester City, NJ 08030

I hope youse can stop by again... maybe around Christmas time!!

here's my other comment: i forgot ian wasn't the drummer

and one more: FACE LOOKS SO CUTE!!