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I really ought to update this thing,
because my life has changed pretty drastically.

So let's cover the quick basics so I can finish my thought
and make a slight,
my intended reason for this post.

Ashley's going to grad school at Syracuse University
for Documentary Film and History.
I work at home, still with National City Bank...
well, until recently, when the bank was bought by PNC.
I thought it was a clear cut case, and I'd be gone after the merger passed.
I am not.
Still here, and likely am not going to be cut
until way after Ashley's program is over (May),
and will I have time to find a job wherever we're going (likely NYC)
while still employed.

So I've been bored without work for almost 2 months
(got a Wii to pass the time...Lego Star Wars Saga rules),
until today,
when PNC FINALLY got some work over to me to do.
While I've been working on the PNC designs,
I can't get the Imperial Theme out of my head.
Is it Wii on the brain,
or is my brain telling me something?
please go and visit buffalo while you are still in Syracuse :)
I've stopped there a couple of times when I was going back and forth to Cleveland. Nice city. Great places to eat...though not if you're tryin to be healthy, but I did find some good options there.

My band does pretty good in Buffalo. Played there a few times. Met a guy from a really good post-hardcore band in Buffalo. Good times.
Yay Buffalo love! And you are right, we don't have a lot of healthy places to eat :)
About time you updated this damn thing.

Doc Film and History, eh? Neato.
I'm kinda of out here alone with nothing,
and when I get like that I tend to cut myself off even worse.
It's a bad habit.
I'm trying not to do that.

Yeah...her intention was always to get into film.
Syracuse is an amazing program.
Just filled with rich over-priviliged idiots,
that she has to tolerate.
Other than that, she loves it.
Yes. Bad habit. Don't do that.


I always wonder if I would have been better off officially trying the film thing in school instead of doing my own thing on the side.
i think you've got a wii brain

move to brooklyn. you wont regret it
Brooklyn is the loose plan. Most of the internships that Ashley will be applying for are in NYC, so we'd obviously want to be somewhere where we're comfortable.

I can say the prospect's nice to live somewhere I already have friends. This place = no friends + no car = Ian goes nuts. And I don't drink anymore, so even that slight offshoot doesn't work.
Yay, you're not dead!

We love our Wii - check out Zach and Wiki, it's a great game!
I'll have to look into it. Right now it'd be hard to bring a new game in, as I neglect about everything to play star wars legos....even guitar hero world tour, which is hard to play because my downstairs neighbor pounds on the ceiling when she hears the drums. Bitch....I barely hit them before she starts this crap. I've tried to go down and speak to her like a human, and she doesn't answer the door. I feel so trapped here.
I may be visitng you in July. I hope a weeknight isn't a problem. I'm getting on my bike and crusing around for a week of vacation.
well, I'll likely be livin in Brooklyn by then,
so what you should do instead is drive your car up
and lug your bmx,
so we can mag it up in the city.

dude, i don't care what day it is,
you come to my door,
you've got a good place to stay
and a nice beer in your hand.