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I forgot how much I've been enjoying the public banning of smoking everywhere.
Here in NY, I don't have many friends that smoke,
but last night we went to a party where everyone was smoking.
It never used to bother me in Philly,
as all of my friends smoked and I was used to it,
but boy did it get me last night.
I was choking all night,
and today my eyes smell like smoke.
How do you do that?
I feel hungover, though I don't drink.
I each their own; this isn't a judgement,
but boy howdy that part of it wasn't fun.
i hate being in a room of smokers now.. i pretty much am never around smokers so it makes it easier. i smoke occasionally now but would rather not be around it

when/why'd you quit drinkin
I'm never around it anymore which is why it bothered me so much.
it kills.
All I can smell is smoke, and it's 24 hours later.

About a year ago. Long story...basically I woke up with a hangover and decided I was just done with it. Benefits no longer outweighed the reality.
I cannot agree more. I hate being around smokers. Two of my closest friends are smokers. Luckily, only one actually smokes in the house and I avoid that one whenever I'm able.

God bless Chicago and their public smoke ban.
I never used to mind much, and I've never been a smoker
and most of my friends did smoke.
but in the past few years,
my life has been virtually smoke free,
and when you're suddenly around 10-15 people that chain smoke
for 7 hours,
it ruins you.

so gross.
i totally get the not-my-smoke hangover. blech.

rad that you quit drinking.
i could see myself doing this. i don't drink very often and my boyfriend (phil) doesn't at all.

hope i see you sooner than later.
i STILL have it,
and it's been 2 days.
i know it's psychosomatic,
but it still sucks.
i can't smell anything else.
headaches not as bad though,
so with some luck it'll fade.

yeah, i started to drink less and less,
and as i got over, it just wasn't beneficial at all.
it's really not that big of a deal, not drinking.
i don't see what the fuss is.