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Looks like I have a new reason to loathe the Rangers again.
John Tortorella got named as the new head coach.
Man, I hate that guy.
the letter i'd like to write
dear glen sather:

when your leading scorer has less than 20 goals for the season, perhaps maybe it's not the coach's fault, but rather the moron who's spending the money to buy overpriced "superstars" who don't do shit.

just ask george steinbrenner.

Re: the letter i'd like to write
p.s. you have tried to do this year after year to no success, including the 2001-2002 season where you had the most expensive roster the NHL has ever (and will ever) seen, and yet you were in second to last place in the entire NHL, behind only the Columbus Blue Jackets, who are now having a better season than you. This means you suck, and you should kill yourself or sell you team (or both, in the general interest of New York sports fans, New York sports rivals' fans, and most small children and women that don't like small penises.

-Denise's degenerate friend.
Re: the letter i'd like to write
he's an ass. he brought in a few good ones (lundqvist, callahan), but sooooo many more bad ones. it's so goddamn frustrating!

why do people like this gain control of a major sports franchise while i tie shoes and listen to "azul is blue" all day?!?