I got rekids!!

My CT records finally came in the mail.
Bout time...everyone else on the internet seems to have my record but me.
So excited....had a frame ready for that bad boy:

Now I need to buy a new needle so I can spin it.
CDs haven't been released yet. I think they're releasin em in a couple months.
iTunes is already up...was up before the records were even out.
You ain't buyin crap, though.
I'll give you a record (and CD, if I have em by them),
or anything else you want for free when I next see you.
Rad dude... are you still in the band or you left that behind?
No I'm still in it...they use a sub for me when they want to do a show and I can't come into town, but I'm still in it. Even wrote 3 songs with the guitarist last month when I was in town.
Whoa. Neat. Hey, I read the comments below. Totally count me in for a CD when they come out.