Mike Richards (Kramer)

(no subject)

man, i'm definitely getting a business sense of wisdom
as i grow older.
i'm on a big conference call with legal
about our credit card application,
and for some reason i had the urge to press the mute button on my phone.

suddenly and uncontrollably,
a large foul belch erupted from me,
but no one heard how awesome it was but me.

man, i'm awesome.

go flyers.
haha, you're such a pig. that is why we are friends.

i can't wait until you guys move here and we can go to a rangers-flyers game at the garden. mwa-ha-ha.

hey, are you going to keep the same job (don't they let you work from home) or are you looking for another one (in this fine economic time)?
dude where are you now?

if i end up in nyc for grad school (which is how it is looking) then you'd better get ready to have lunch with me, doofus.

we won't be in nyc til june 1 (or a few days sooner)...but we'll be there.

dude, of course. lunch anytime. i hope you end up there. i deserve to have more of my friends close after the farkin year i've been through. seriously. the banana in the sky owes me (i've decided god is a giant banana. think about it...it fits).