set to zero

i can't say i'm 100% back,
but i'm close.
in fact, i can't say i'll ever be as active as i once was,
but it could be eventually close.

i lost a voice at some point,
almost purposely,
and it is my intent to win it back.
i'll go into details later,
but in short, the last year and a half has been a losing battle for my ego,
and if i'm not going to win it back completely,
i am at least going to do things that once gave me clarity.
this place lost strength with me years ago
based on the loss of anonymity.
i started out with very few friends,
very few who read it.
i liked it liked that; i never knew who was reading it,
or how many.
then my real friends found it,
and i found me being less, well me.
i started performing, as i often do.
being mr. funny.
i like that side of me,
and that side will always partly be here,
but there's another side that i had to shove away,

and i need to bring him back.
I've missed you too. I've missed everyone. It's good to be back, though I don't feel completely back yet.
Well hello, doughsey. Need I mention that some of my real friends are ok? I didn't think I needed to.