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the best part of all of this is reading that all of you
are as excited as ashley and i are.
it gives me even more hope.

and i'd like to confess that i watched the abc coverage
mostly only because they had better graphics.
being a nerd is fun when you have choices.

congratulations, america.
once again, i'm proud of you.

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Voting was fun today. Not very far, not crowded, and the polling ladies were funny and nice.

I'm loving your icons, livejournal friends. I wanted to make one on my own, but "Hardcore punk drummers that are web designers and dress preppy and like to eat key lime pie for Obama" isn't easy to make readable in 100x100 pixels.

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How bad is my fantasy football team?
Other guys have quarterbacks with Nike commercials or even Campbell's soup.
I have David Garrard, whose only commercial
is for information on Crohn's disease.

I'm a winner.